Retail Produce Display Merchandising

At RBest, supplying produce is just the beginning. We have a dedicated in-store merchandising team that are experienced at retail counseling to increase customer sales growth. Our merchandising team can assist you with product placement, pricing, storage and handling procedures, and make recommendations about your product selection. We'll work with your supermarket produce team to ensure that your customers have the best possible experience in your produce department. Contact us today for more information.

Store Assessment Process

  • Analyze Product Freshness & Quality
  • Appraise Product Value for Retail Price
  • Evaluate Product Line vs. Customer Base
  • Review Product Storage & Handling Procedures
  • Recommend Customer Appropriate Specialty Items
  • Design Produce Department to Maximum Shelf Space


Employee Education

  • Optimization of Product Shelf Life
  • Shrink Reduction
  • Country of Origin Practices
  • Cut Fruit & Vegetable Program
  • Profitable Product Pricing
  • Pre-Cooling Procedures
  • Inventory Systematization
  • Proper Item Display
retail produce display merchandising