About Rbest Produce Inc - The Premier Produce Supplier for the Tri-State Area


Long Island Fruit Distributor

Our mission at RBest Produce Inc. is to become the premier produce supplier in the Northeast that fulfills all our customer’s needs by offering the highest-quality produce, unwavering reliability, and superior customer service. Our top priorities are sourcing and delivering only the freshest fruits and vegetables, strategic merchandising, and convenience so we can help our customers’ businesses grow. We’re committed to exceeding expectations at all levels of the industry so that each and every person – from the grower to the consumer – is fully satisfied.


Our vision is to ensure that quality and service are synonymous with the RBest name. You'll experience a dedicated sales team that caters to each customer’s needs, buyers constantly sourcing the best produce at the right time of the year, merchandisers on site to help you sell more produce all working together with one goal in mind: complete customer satisfaction.

Why Choose RBest?

Reliability – RBest has been an industry leader in providing superior produce and service for more than 30 years.RBest Produce Display

Benefits – Our substantial buying power gives us the advantage to consistently provide our customers the well-known brands that their shoppers recognize and trust at competitive prices.

Experience – The entire RBest Team includes experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff at both the wholesale and retail level. Our Leadership Team has decades of experience in the industry, so our customers trust us to make sure that the very last person to experience our produce is the most satisfied.

Service – Not only will we source the best produce for your needs, offer it to you at a competitive price, and deliver it six days a week – we’ll also set up your produce department using a combination of our Strategic Merchandising Plan and your input to maximize sales. Our bi-lingual order takers and friendly and professional merchandising staff make working with RBest easy, seamless and enjoyable.

Trust - We have decades-long relationships with many of our customers who experience our Mission every day. Consistent daily interaction establishes our customers confidence that growing their business is our goal.